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MarketsMeet Privacy Policy

Last revised on 6th June 2016


We care about our Members’ rights and privacy.

We will therefore never sell or share information about our Members unless required by law as per our Terms and Conditions clause 4.5.

MarketsMeet (‘MM’) is committed to providing the highest level of online security for its Members and electronically supplied services. MM is an interactive website and therefore we collect personal data.

This policy highlights how we collect, use and protect your personal data.


2.1   Contact Form
You may contact us via email and we will use this information to respond to you.

2.2   Registration
During the creation of your account you must provide us with personal, professional, organisation details and create a basic trade profile to become a Member.

We use the information you provide to create a searchable public profile in MM’s global business directory on your behalf.

We collect your country of login for applicable VAT purposes.

We collect your email address to send you a verification link after you join MM platform and notifications by email.

You manage the visibility of all information shared with Members.

2.3   Card Payment Details
We will use your card payment details or preferred method of payment for processing payments of MM Services subscribed or purchased by you and on your behalf.

2.4   My Account
By becoming a Member you create a personal account called My Account in which you may provide and manage information about yourself and your organisation and the goods and services you buy and sell.

We use this information to personalise your MM account.

You can also use IM Chat to communicate with other Members and share and interact on latest markets news and prices via Members Views.

2.5   Directory
Members can search and connect with other Members via MM’s global business directory.

Your public profile which is managed by you is only visible to Members who have access rights.

2.6   My Network
Your private profile will be visible to Members to whom you grant permission.

2.7   My Status
You have the ability to share your latest with your network contacts.

2.8   Communications
We may occasionally email you or send a notification. You can opt-out from receiving these communications.

2.9   Help & Support
We may request your details in order to answer your queries as part of our 24/7 help & support service.

2.10   Testimonials
We use Member testimonials. If you provide a testimonial we may use your name, organisation and professional title.

2.11   IP Addresses and Device Information
Due to Internet Communication Standards when you visit our website we automatically receive the URL of the site from which you came.

MM may also receive the internet protocol address of your device (or the proxy server you use to access the internet) your device’s operating system and the type of web browser you are using as well as the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier.

2.12   Use of Cookies
Please read our Use of Cookies to see how we comply with the latest regulations.

2.13   Third Party Sites
MM grants access to third party sites (Terms & Conditions 4.3.).

Please be aware that third party sites may use ‘web beacons’ that allow ad networks to provide anonymised aggregated auditing, research and reports to advertisers.

2.14   Website and Device Usage
We may analyse Members usage of our Services to fulfil our Mission (Terms & Conditions, Section 1.2.).


3.1   Updating Your Information
You can update all your information at any time.

3.2  Notifications & Communications
You can 'opt-out' of all notifications and email communications.

3.3   Termination of Membership
You can terminate your Membership (Terms & Conditions, Section 8).

If you terminate your Membership we have no obligation to remove or retain your information. MM may retain and use data contributed by you if we believe it’s necessary to do so.


4.1   Online Security
We will always seek to use the latest online security measures to protect our Members.

MM’s payment system is L1 PCI DSS Compliant. Further information please Contact Us, Section 5.

4.2   Changes to Our Privacy Policy
We may update our Privacy Policy at any time.

We will notify you of any changes by sending an email or notification.

4.3   Data Protection & Legal Compliance
MM (Reg № Z3261568) complies with the 8 Principals of the Data Protection Act 1998 (Schedule 1) enacted in the United Kingdom and EU privacy requirements governed by the EU Directive 95/46/EC (adopted in 1995) on the protection of personal data.


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