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MarketsMeet Terms & Conditions

Last revised: 6th May 2016


1.1. (MM) is a web-based marketplace that links registered users via their online account with all the essential tools to search, find, evaluate and connect with worldwide buyers and sellers of goods and services as well as share and interact on the latest markets news and prices; plus *call for free (subject to inclusive minutes) and phone telephone and mobile via MM's Web phone and trade on a confidential p2p basis in real-time at 0% commission via any internet-based device.

1.2. Global Mission

Our mission is to foster and facilitate local to international trade through education, empowerment and collaborative partnerships. We are building a global community of trusted professionals who wish to trade, network and communicate more effectively with stakeholders up and down the supply and value chains of industries worldwide via one platform.

1.3. Scope

MarketsMeet (‘MM’) is a business-to-business (’B2B’) service.

To use our service (‘Services’) you must register and become a MM member (‘Member’).

By becoming a Member you enter into a legally binding agreement with MarketsMeet Limited (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ’MM’) based on these Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies (collectively referred to as the ‘Agreement’).

You may only become a Member if you use MM as an industry professional or student, upskilling or retired professional to trade or learn and support other MM members how to trade goods or services.

If you do not fulfil this criterion, do not accept the Agreement, do not join MM and do not become a Member.


2.1. The Agreement

You must comply with the Agreement as explained in the following Sections.

2.2. Code of Conduct

MM is committed to the betterment of global trade for everyone.

To achieve this aim, we encourage Members to share truthful and accurate information on MM which must not breach any copyright, intellectual property or third party rights.

As a condition of login and to ‘use & enjoy’ our Services you agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

2.2.1. Obliged Behaviour

You agree to:

  1. Use the Services in a professional manner;
  2. Provide accurate and up-to-date information;
  3. Review and comply with MM notices;
  4. Comply with the applicable law of England and Wales.

2.2.2. Disallowed Behaviour

You agree not to:

  1. Act dishonestly e.g. by posting inappropriate or inaccurate content on MM;
  2. Re-commercialise our Services;
  3. Attempt to extract any underlying intellectual property used to provide the Services;
  4. Insert any information that is not relevant to that designated field;
  5. Create a fictitious user profile or misrepresent your real identity;
  6. Use our Services or its underlying technology to provide a competing service with MM;
  7. Imply that you are endorsed to act on behalf of MM without an agreement signed by us;
  8. View or use another Member’s account;
  9. Permit anyone else to view or use your account;
  10. Share your account login details;
  11. Access MM in order to ’scrape’, ’crawl’ or ’spider’ any web page;
  12. Monitor the availability or performance of MM;
  13. Simulate the appearance or functionality of MM;
  14. Attempt to access MM other than via the interface provided by MM;
  15. Attempt to bypass or override any MM security;
  16. Engage in any action that interferes with the performance of MM;
  17. Harass or abuse other Members or MM personnel;
  18. Breach any copyright, intellectual property or third party rights including but not limited to patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of MM, its Members or non-Members without written consent.

2.2.3. Service Eligibility

To be eligible to use the Services you must fulfil the following criteria; that you:

  1. are an industry professional, student, upskilling or retired professional
  2. will keep your account details up-to-date
  3. will keep your Place of Supply (the country in which you login and ‘use & enjoy’ MM) up-to-date at ALL TIMES
  4. are not currently restricted from using the Services or prohibited from having a MM account
  5. will only create and maintain one MM account at any given time
  6. have full authority to enter into the Agreement and by doing so will not violate any other agreement to which you are a Party; and
  7. agree to provide the necessary infrastructure to use MM Services at your own cost.

2.3. Login & Logout Credentials

You are responsible for anything that happens through your account until closed or provide evidence that it has been used without your consent.

2.4. Your Submissions to MM

You take full responsibility for all the information you upload and submit to MM and may delete it at any time.

2.5. Indemnification

You indemnify us against all costs and consequences related to any third party claims or investigations caused by your failure to comply with the Agreement.

2.6. Notifications

MM communicates with Members via email and notifications. You are responsible for complying with all communications.

2.7. Mobile App

There is currently no official MM mobile App. MM is a hybrid web App that’s been built using responsive design technology so you can use our Services via any internet-based device. We will release a mobile App in the future. By using MM web App or mobile App you agree to comply with the Agreement.

2.8. Our Services

Our Services are supplied as part of four (4) membership packages (Local, National, Regional and International) each offering different levels of access to our Services.

Local membership is free.

All other memberships are subject to payment based on 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription.

The cost per month without use of a promo code:

- National is £15

- Regional is £25

- International is £50

As a Local member you are entitled to a 1 x 30 day free trial of our International membership.

You will be downgraded to Local membership at the end of your free trial.

You will be downgraded to Local membership when your subscription expires if you do not set your subscription renewal status to auto-renewal.

MM Services subject to payment are shown as net prices and subject to applicable VAT (Value Added Tax) or local government taxes.

Please note that any change to your Place of Supply (Service Eligibility, Section 2.2.3.) may affect applicable VAT or local government taxes on the purchase of new Services.

MM occasionally runs promotional campaigns via promo (discount) codes.

2.9. Payments

MM offers a mixture of free and prepaid Services via registered user debit and credit card including PayPal.

You agree to MM processing all payments due on your behalf.

MM provides a card expiry notification service to help paying Members keep their card payment details valid to avoid uninterrupted access to the Services. Non-payment will result in your account being downgraded to Local membership.

You accept it is your responsibility (Service Eligibility, Section 2.2.3.) to ensure your account is backed by a valid form of payment.

All payments are non-refundable unless stated otherwise in the Agreement (Cancellation and Refund Policy, Section 7).

Unused MarketsTel® phone credit will only be refunded if the demand for refund occurs within 7 days from date of purchase (MM invoice date).

MarketsTel® phone credit is valid for a period of up to 180 days from date of purchase and thereafter subject to cancellation.

2.10. Privacy Policy & Use of Cookies

Our Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies are part of the Agreement.

2.11. Notify Us of Acts Contrary to The Agreement

If you believe that you are entitled to act contrary to the Agreement you agree to provide us with a substantiated explanation in writing by recorded delivery (CONTACT US, Section 11.) at least thirty (30) days BEFORE you act contrary to the Agreement. We may provide you with an alternative remedy though we are under no obligation to do so.

You agree to pay all costs associated to the assessment of your application.


If you comply with the Agreement, we grant you the right to login and ‘use & enjoy’ the Services.


4.1. Our Rights

If you breach the Agreement, we reserve all rights to act as necessary in order to protect our Members.

4.2. Services Availability

MM is committed to its Mission (1.2.). We therefore reserve all rights to suspend MM in order to improve the Services.

4.3. Third Parties

MM provides links to third party websites.

If you allow a third party website to connect with your MM account that website may be able to access your account information.

You are responsible for using third party websites.

4.4. Interactions with Other Members

You are responsible for your interactions with other Members. MM has no obligation to monitor disputes between Members.

4.5. Disclosure of Member Information

You agree that we may disclose your details if required to do so by law or in good-faith, if in our opinion disclosure is necessary to:

  1. comply with legal processes
  2. enforce the Agreement
  3. respond to claims of violation of rights by a third party; and
  4. protect the rights, property or safety of MM, its personnel, Members or the general public.

4.6. Place of Supply

You accept to pay any monies owed or associated costs resulting from your failure to correctly update your Place of Supply.


MM aims to provide a reliable service to Members however we plan to release further features and benefits in the future and therefore do not guarantee the Services will function without error or interruption.

You accept MM Services on an ‘as is’ or ‘as available’ basis.


You agree that our liability is limited to the net value of one month’s subscription fee based on your membership package.


7.1. Cancellation by MM

MM may cancel your subscription if you breach the Agreement.

MM’s calculation as to any monies owed is final. Reimbursement will be the Member’s exclusive remedy in respect of any cancellation by MM.

MM may block access to the Services from an IP address or a range of IP addresses associated to any Members who breach the Agreement.

7.2. Cancellation by a Member

Members may cancel their subscription within 48 hours from date of purchase (MM invoice date). Timely cancellations are subject to a handling fee of up to £50.

After 48 hours from date of purchase (MM invoice date) it is not possible to cancel a subscription, nor be eligible for a refund.

MarketsTel® credit balance may be refunded within 7 days from date of purchase (MM invoice date). Timely requests are subject to a handling fee of up to £15.

MarketsTel® credit refund requests received after 7 days from date of purchase are not eligible for a refund.

Cancellations and refund requests must be made by the legal entity responsible for payments.

Cancellations and refund requests must include the cancelling Member's full name, organisation or address and copies of invoices generated by MM billing system auto-filed in My Account.

Refunds will only be re-credited to the card or account used for payment.

Timely cancellations will only be accepted by fax or recorded delivery on original organisation or legal status letterhead to our address (CONTACT US, Section 11.).


You may terminate your membership and become a Local free member at any time.


This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.

You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts located in London, United Kingdom.


10.1. Severability

If any provisions of the Agreement are found to be unenforceable by law, the provisions will be modified to render their intentions legal and enforceable by law with immediate effect.

Any illegal or unenforceable provisions found in the Agreement do not nullify its enforceable provisions.

10.2. Entire Agreement

You accept this is the entire agreement between us and is subject to amendment by us at any time.

10.3. No Injunctive Relief

You agree not to enjoin MM Services or use any material to bring MM into disrepute.

10.4. Transfer of Obligations and Rights

You may not transfer any obligations or rights under the Agreement.

We may freely transfer our obligations and rights under the Agreement.


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Tel.: + 44 (0)20 3137 8600

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